LED Lights

First the economics how much does it cost to run a 50W light bulb?

Easy: 50/1000*4*365 * Cost_per_Kwh = £7.30 @ 10p per Kwh

Assuming you run your light bulb for 4 hours a day 365 days a year, as it’s darker in the winter you’ll use more and probably a bit less in the summer. So when you buy the cheapest bulb usually about £1 from the supermarket you are also committing your self to spending £7.50 every year to run the bulb.

I just bought 2 chandeliers from Homebase with 25W G9 bulbs and connected them to dimmable sockets.


I found this web site http://ultraleds.co.uk they supply this product which cost £11.99 is dimmable and works in a G9 socket.

G9 240v 48 Led Dimmable Cool White Bulb (3W=30W)

My usual procedure for buying bulbs is to buy one and test it out, the test bulb proved ok so I ordered 9 more. It seems to me that Filament bulbs are just a wire which gets hot, while LED bulbs have a pedigree, descended from modern electronics which demands quite fussy voltages and probably direct current which requires all LED bulbs to pack in a really small transformer. My experience with my 9 bulbs extra bulbs, which rapidly turned in 8 extra bulbs when on went bang when I plugged it in, is that I could only find 7 which would work together with the dimmer system and not cause a noticeable annoying flash.

I think LED light bulbs are poised to take off in a big way soon, I wouldn’t recommend the bulbs I bought for my chandeliers, but I haven’t taken them out, I’m just disappointed with them. But I think there is a better way to power our lights. It seems to me having one transformer per bulb is missing a trick. The manufactures are forced to put in the cheapest transformer they can buy, this I’m sure leads to the bulb flashing problems. A better solution would be to have your transformer circuit in the light switch, so your bulb is fed electricity from the mains in a stable way, you could then make smaller and cheaper bulbs. You of course then cannot run LED lights with filament bulbs.

Back to economics my LED bulbs should save me £25 a year, they cost £84 and will require £5 year to run. So breakeven for them is around 3 years. If the price of electricity goes up even less.

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