200 years ago a German physician Samuel Hahnemann invented a
theory which he called the “law of similars” or “let like be
cured by like”. It is safe to say that all but the most uneducated people
today have a better understanding biological processes than anyone alive 200
years ago. The germ theory of disease, (the correct theory just in case there
is any doubt) was not accepted by physicians at the time, doctors of the day
had no antibiotics and no idea what caused illnesses. It is certain that
without a correct understanding of how a body works, almost any medical
intervention of the time would be likely to have a detrimental effect on the
patient. In fact Homeopathy may have saved lives in Samuel’s time as if the
patient was undergoing Homeopathic treatment he would not be having any of the
harmful treatments which were around. 200 years ago there were virtually no
medical treatments which worked, Homeopathy permitted the body’s pretty good
natural regenerative system to do its job and thus appeared to work.

After 200 years of scientific advancement there is no evidence
that Samuel Hahnemann was correct in his theory nor has any other theory been
postulated as to why drinking what is essentially pure water has any effect on
the body what so ever, beyond what we have come to understand to be the placebo
effect. Modern doctors are aware of this effect and conduct double blind trials
where neither the doctor or the patient know if they are receiving the drug
before they will declare a drug effective. Homeopathic remedies have never
passed a double blind trial. In our age of enlightenment Homeopathic water is a
con! It doesn’t work and we know it doesn’t work and it has never worked.

Yet these medicines, probably the most expensive bottled water you
can find, are still being sold in some chemists, these companies are exploiting
the con just to make a quick buck.

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