Homeopaths, sophisticated theologians, conspiracy theorists, young earth idiots  and other peddlers of junk have their methods diagnosed, dissected and dispatched to the rubbish bin of bad ideas, by Dr Law’s new book Believing Bullshit.

Law diagnoses 8 different strategies used by peddlers of bad ideas:

  1. Playing the mystery card
  2. “But it fits” and The blunder bus
  3. Going Nuclear
  4. Moving the semantic goalposts
  5. “I just know”
  6. Pseudoprofundity
  7. Piling up the anecdotes
  8. Pressing your buttons

Pseudoprofundity is the charged levelled at many self-help books and theologians. I have to confess I haven’t read all of The Secret, I couldn’t bring myself to buy it, but I feel I can say with complete confidence that when the dictionary definition of Pseudoprofundity is written it will probably just reference the absolute nonsense contained in that book as the definition.

I hope this book becomes more widely read, where Dawkin’s takes aim at one particular belief in his book the God Delusion, Law’s aim is to explode all ludicrous belief systems.

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