You can’t read this blog post

Free speech is one of the greatest inventions of our civilization, as Nick Cohen points out in his book “You can’t read this book”, societies in which free speech is practiced are rare and free speech is under threat.

Firstly from religious extremists who have ordered the death of Salmon Rushdie, Hirsi Ali, and threatened the lives of the Danish cartoonist’s who were responsible for some pretty inoffensive cartoons, I advise anyone who’s not seen them to go find them on the web.

The second enemy is the British libel system which has been exploited by such rogues as Roman Polanski and Robert Maxwell to silence their critics. The huge costs of defending yourself against libel essentially close down free speech. Our courts are so effective in closing down criticism, that our country is the rich persons preferred supplier of libel writs.

Read this book and wake up.

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